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About PUSH

Everything 2010 009 Kristen is the sole Owner and Operate of PUSH Conditioning.

Specializing in Sport Strength and Conditioning, she is a certified personal trainer through Mount Royal University, and a Twist Conditioning Silver level coach. Her additional education includes Trigger Point Therapy, TRX, and pre and post natal fitness.

With over 7 years as an elite Alpine Ski racer, competing at both a national and international level, Kristen not only coaches through knowledge but also through personal experience. As a former Twist Sport Conditioning coach she has also worked with the industries greatest sport trainers and knows what it takes to develop an athlete! Using the same training system as the pros she is able to Push you to reach whatever your goals are!

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Beach Conditioning


Looking for a fun, fresh way to kick off your spring? Wanting a workout that pushes you, makes you sweat, challenges your mind and body, AND allows your kids to come along? That’s right! Kids are welcome at this full body conditioning class held at the beach park in Sylvan Lake.

Be expected for everything and anything in this class! We will use a number of training tools and methods to constantly PUSH your body to the next level. Whether you are looking for weight loss, strength and toning, a change up to your current routine or to create new friendships you will find it here. Each workout will target full body strength, conditioning, balance and flexibility. Please bring your own yoga mat/towel to class.

Open to all fitness levels- work at your pace or lead the pack!


Current Class:

Sorry No Current Classes!


Anaerobic Sport Conditioning




If you are looking to get in the best condition of your life, this is the class for you!

Perfect for anyone wanting to get faster, last longer, recover quicker, and/or lean out. This class will combine hill sprinting, trail running, anaerobic field work, and muscular endurance. The perfect class for all athletes in training, anyone preparing for Tough Mudder, or those wanting to look and feel their best for summer 2015. Be ready to PUSH yourself as this one is a challenge!
Moderate to High Fitness level encouraged- All willing levels welcome.


Current Class:

Sorry No Current Classes!

PUSH Mammas


Hey Mammas! Are you a busy mom, wanting a workout that pushes you, makes you sweat, challenges your mind and body, AND allows your kids to come along? Look no further- PUSH Mammas is the class for you!

Be prepared for anything and expect to constantly PUSH your body to the next level while equipping you for all the demands of being a mom. Whether you are looking for weight loss, strength and toning, a change up to your current routine, or just an hour outside for you and your kids, you will find it here. Each workout will target full body strength, conditioning, balance and flexibility. Please bring your own yoga mat/towel to class.

Open to all fitness levels- work at your pace or lead the pack!


Current Class:

Sorry No Current Classes!

Youth/Team Agility and Conditioning

Calling all youth athletes or teams looking to excel in their sport! Join Push Conditioning for a 1hr class that will challenge you to move faster, jump higher, get stronger, stop sooner and change gears on a dime. Use the same training as the pros as you learn movement mechanics, challenge energy systems, and  increase your strength and endurance.  Don’t miss this opportunity to Push your self to the next level of your sport!


Open to all youth ages 13-17

Current Class:

*No Classes being offered at this time*


Teams- Please contact for more information on how we can set up private training for your team!



Services PUSH Offers


Buy a 5 pack of personal training get 1 Bonus session!

Buy a 10 pack of personal training get 2 Bonus sessions!!

Buy a 15 pack of personal training get 3 Bonus sessions!!!


Offer is valid until DEC 31, 2015. Can be used for both private and partner training!

*Sessions are NON-REFUNDABLE and good until DEC 31, 2016 unless refunded for a medical reason with doctors medical note.


Small groups- $50 flat rate for up to 5 athletes- each additional athlete $10 to a maximum group size of 8

Large teams (8+ athletes) – Please contact for Pricing



PUSH yourself to a new limit with individualized program design and one on one training.

Are you an athlete looking to take your game to the next level? Do you have an upcoming wedding or special event?  Are you stuck in a fitness rut and need a push out?

Whatever your reasons- PUSH training will help you reach your goals

                                                $50/ 1 session

                                              $240/ 5 sessions

                                                $460/ 10 sessions

                                      $660/ 15 sessions

 $840/20 sessions


Double the fun-Double the sweat!

Looking to get in shape with your spouse? Have a friend you want to train with?

Partner training offers the same individualized attention and results as personal training dose with out the same cost, plus its really fun!

$60/ 1 session ($30/person)

$290/ 5 sessions ($145/person)

$550/ 10 sessions ($275/person)

$790/ 15 sessions ($395/person)

$1000/ 20 sessions ($500/person)



Program design is perfect for anyone looking for an individualized program they can do at home or the gym. Package includes up to 3 separate workouts and 1 Personal Training session.  The private session will lead you through proper form and technique for each workout, giving you confidence to take home your program and be successful!


Baby Belly Bootcamp

Long gone are the days where pregnant women are advised against working out! In fact, research proves that women who workout while pregnant tend to have have less complications, lower incidence of gestational diabetes, easier labor and delivery, lower stress levels, less back pain, increased self confidence, and might even create a higher IQ for the baby!
Join fellow mommy’s to be in this class designed for women wanting to stay healthy during pregnancy. The objective is to maintain a healthy and strong physical state for one of the most challenging

9 months of your life. By increasing muscular strength, balance and cardiovascular endurance you can enter labor with confidence and an advantage that will help you endure the physical demands of delivery.

* Please have a PARmedX for Pregnancy or Detailed note from your Dr stating you are medically allowed to workout when you join class. The safety of you and baby comes first! *

Current Class:

Contact us for Details about a January 2016 Class!!

What clients are saying

“Kristen has coached me in both personal training sessions and group fitness classes. Her knowledge of functional strength conditioning kept me injury free for triathlons and strong for the demands of every day life. She is supportive and will push you to achieve your goals. I don’t know what I will do without her ☹ especially after my first baby…”  -Natalie Pyke (Anaerobic Sport Conditioning & Personal Training)

“I joined push conditioning stroller classes having no almost no fitness background.  It was very challenging but Kristen was amazing at helping to demonstrate proper techniques and give direction on how to modify exercises.  She was even more amazing at pushing me past those limits when she could see I could do more!  I am thrilled at how my strength and endurance has improved.  It was also a great way for me to connect with other moms since I was new in town. ”  - Tara Harper (Stroller Conditioning)

“Kristen is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I’ve ever met. Her friendly demeanor and style of training draw people in and make them want to be life-long clients. She is professional, intentional, motivational and fun. Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new way of training, and inspiring me to pursue my own study.” -Lisa Ponak (Personal Training)

“I am very fortunate to have worked with Kristen.  I have been a client of hers for 2 years doing classes and personal training.  Not only is she a great trainer who will give you great workout, she is a wonderful person and friend. She makes everyone feel welcome and included in her classes !   Anyone who joins her classes will be happy they did ! We miss Kristen and wish her the best of luck in Red Deer!” - Jennifer Wood (Stroller Conditioning & Personal Training)

“Kristen has been an inspirational trainer helping me shed over 40 lbs after my first child and keeping me healthy during my second pregnancy! She took me from being not able to jog a block to running my first 5 km run and being in the best shape of my life! She taught me what it meant to set goals, get motivated and achieve my personal best for myself. Red Deer is so incredibly blessed to have her now, what an awesome opportunity to train with the best of the best!” - Tara-Lynn McIver (Stroller Conditioning & Baby Belly Bootcamp)

“I trained with Kristen  for approx 18 months.  In that time Kristen has taught me the importance of fitness.  She is always extremely professional, very knowledgeable and is an excellent motivator.  She has a natural talent of when to push people to their limits always staying with a positive frame of mind.  She is very good at helping people achieve their fitness goals.  Her attitude always has you wanting to come back for more.  I believe that I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Kristen.  I strongly recommend her for all your fitness needs, you will not be disappointed.”   Mark Macdonald- (Personal Training & Anaerobic Sport Conditioning)

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